Headspins is a Chicago-based rock band that plays 70s/80s punk laced with Ace Frehley style lead guitar.

Upcoming Shows and Recording

US Beer Co Show This Friday

Headspins is rocking US Beer Co this Friday. We are going on early, with a start time between 7:45 and 9pm. This is our last early show for the foreseeable future, so come out and rock all you early birds! For tickets contact your favorite Headspin or order tickets now.

Save the Date for Spring Shows

April 22: Headspins at Cal’s
Show at 10pm / Headspins at 11pm

June 3: Headspins at The Horseshoe with Heavy Mental
Set times TBD

We’re Recording

Headspins started recording last weekend at Apocalypse Cow studios. Here are J. Zap and Cheddar putting together some sweet harmonies.

J. Zap and Cheddar record vocals.

We’re on Twitter

In addition to rhythm guitar and singing, Cheddar has taken up twitter duties for the band. Follow @CheddarFlemming on twitter.


Your Friends at Headspins

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