Headspins is a Chicago-based rock band that plays 70s/80s punk laced with Ace Frehley style lead guitar.

Salvaged Selvage by Julia Zap

Salvaged Selvage by Julia Zap features one of a kind, handmade items made from recycled materials.

We say:
YES! to unique, quality crafted items
YES! to environmental sustainability,
YES! to supporting independent artists and crafters instead of boring big box stores, & YES! to cozy online shopping

Headspins for the Holidays

What is Headspins up to for the holidays?

We made another trip to Apocalypse Cow Studio to work on the album. Mostly a vocals session. Finished tracking on several tunes!

The band is takin’ the off the last week of the year. We’ll be kickin’ it hard-core in 2012!!!