Headspins is a Chicago-based rock band that plays 70s/80s punk laced with Ace Frehley style lead guitar.

New Show! Thu, Mar 10th @ Liar’s Club, Chgo

Thu, Mar 10th, 9PM

Wrecking Ball Productions presents
No Coast Punk Night

Wrecking Ball Production presents NO COAST PUNK ROCK @ Liar's Club, Chicago

Liar’s Club, Chgo – Thu, Mar 10, 2016

  •       Headspins (listen)
  •       Deal Breakers (listen)
  •       Back Alley Riot (listen)
  •       The Desolates (listen)

Other Dates:

Sat 2/20 @ Chalk Beer House, Forest Park IL (Winter Smack Down)
Fri 4/15 @ Mangy Dawg Pub, Hanover Park IL

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