Headspins is a Chicago-based rock band that plays 70s/80s punk laced with Ace Frehley style lead guitar.

Meet the Band

Gary VodkaGary Vodka

Guitar, Vocals & Head Bangin���������
V has been rockin the local scene for a while now. He’s been the engine for Fang Beach, Bald Cow and Chicago legends, The Farmers…

He must have been raised by wolves cuz’ we’ve known him for years and still don’t know who the hell he reallly is or who he’s working for…

Julia Zap

Bass, Vocals & Fashion CopJulia Zap
Meet Julia Zap!

Julia is a bass player, resident art snob, and fashion police member. Don’t let her catch you in socks with your sandals.

She also draws comics, paints, and unfortunately, still works a day job because people don’t support the arts enough.

Gator GGator G

Drums, Vocals & Gator Wrangling
Gator G hitchhiked to Chicago from the swamps of Louisiana with a mysterious stranger driving an el Camino rumored to be the devil himself.

Gator G is known for his solo albums, recorded under the nom de guerre Gary Landess.