Headspins is a Chicago-based rock band that plays 70s/80s punk laced with Ace Frehley style lead guitar.

Pics-Moes (9/26) Livewire (10/4) Dutch Inn West (10/10)


Summer Vacation is OVER! Aug 8th & 9th!

FREE! Sat, Aug 8th
McAuliffe’s, Racine WI

McAuliffe's On The Square, Racine WI

Sun, Aug 9th
OrgCore Fest, Day 2
The Mutiny, Chicago

OrgCore Fest #3 Mutiny

OrgCore Fest #3 - The Mutiny, Chicago IL

Get Tickets to OrgCore Fest –>  (link)

Other Dates:

Sat 8/22 @ Gasthaus, Elgin, IL (Punk Revolution)
Sat 9/26 @ Moe’s Tavern, Chgo IL

Thu, Apr 30th @ Moe’s Tavern, Chgo

Other Dates:

Sat 5/09 @ Jurrasic Park, Chgo (May Slay Fest)
Mon, 5/11 Acoustic @ Silvie’s Lounge, Chgo, IL(Acoustic Explosion)
Fri 5/15 @ Mangy Dawg Pub, Hanover Pk, IL
Sat 5/30 @ Old Mt Happy, Chgo, IL (Back to the Basement)
Sat 6/06 @ Drunken Donut, Joliet IL (link)